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Utilities are complex, constantly changing systems. Companies dealing with logistics of commodities such as electricity, water, gas and heat need fast and efficient management. Its geographical position and inclusion in the EU energy framework make Czech Republic the most important transmission point in Central Europe. Distribution companies are faced with challenges of balancing the supply and demand as well as infrastructure restoration and development. In the future, companies must react quickly not only to macroeconomic indicators, but also to political and economic talks on distribution networks landscape in Europe.

Industry Issues

  • Development and modernisation of transmission systems
  • Geopolitical influence on the energy sector stability
  • EU pressure on energy market liberalisation
  • International cooperation in forming of a united EU distribution network
  • Regulation

Industry-specific services 

  • Admissible costs and cost allocation
  • Quality & reliability of non-finacial data
  • Identification of internal processes and their outsourcing
  • Optimisation of key controlling processes, e.g. procurement
  • Assuring compliance with OECD Corporate Governance requirements