Mergers and acquisitions - Deal structuring services

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Increasingly, mergers and acquisitions are seen as one of the most efficient way to turn the vision into practice. But to make sure your strategy is going to deliver the desired results - reduction of costs, increased market share - you must ensure that implementation in the local market maximises the value of your investment.

 In Central and Eastern Europe, PwC has a unique network of tax experts specializing in M&A. Being a core part of this Network, Prague has the privilege to serve as PwC Centre of Excellence for Private Equity for the Czech Republic and the whole CEE region.

To achieve full success, a merger - whether global in scope or the strategic acquisition of a local enterprise - requires careful planning and expertise across the board, from tax efficient structuring to the ins and outs of the legal and regulatory environment.

PwC has experience from the year 1993 with the implementation of both global and strategic mergers in the Czech Republic. Our team of experts extends through each group of the Tax & Legal Services department to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the best solution for each facet of your business plan. Our Prague team now comprise of up to 16 fully dedicated tax specialists. Ten of them focus exclusively on advising on private equity transactions across the CEE region. With the full reach of the PwC global network behind us, the Prague office is your single point of contact for all your business needs.

Key Services

  • Because we know each situation raises new issues and brings new challenges, we work with you to create an integrated, customised solution for all aspects of your merger - from the planning stage, through implementation, all the way until the final deal is done. By identifying opportunities, optimising financial structuring, and managing risk at each juncture, we make sure that the synergy of your vision is not disrupted by any unforeseen costs or surprises.

What we can help you with:

  • Buy-side tax due diligence, vendor due diligence, vendor assistance
  • Tax structuring advice including preparation of a fully bankable tax structuring report acceptable by major Czech and European banks
  • Assistance with implementation of an acquisition structure including preparation of completion funds flow, provision of advice with respect to charging of transaction expenses and analysis of corporate governance, substance issues, etc.
  • Overall project coordination and management including coordination of all advisors working on the corporate and financial structure
  • Assistance with identifying tax-efficient management incentive plans
  • Post-deal integration services

Our approach

For selection of the most appropriate method of restructuring, we use a method certified in practice many times. This method comprises six basic phases:

  • Analysis of the clients background
  • Proposal of the possible restructuring alternatives, including anticipated revenue, costs and related risk.
  • Assessment of the most appropriate and tax – effective structure for the transaction
  • Audit of the legal, tax and accounting steps necessary to implement the project
  • Implementation of the chosen restructuring alternative including the project management
  • Post implementation services