Employee share plans

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PwC' International Assignment Solutions group can assist you with the review, design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of your share plans for local and foreign employees working in the Czech Republic.

Key Services

  • Assistance with the review and ongoing maintenance of the share plans
  • Providing advice and testing the viability of the share plan design
  • Providing advice regarding the Czech personal and corporate income tax consequences of share plan benefits
  • Reviewing the Czech health and social insurance treatment of share plan benefits
  • Assisting with share plan implementation
  • Developing materials to communicate the benefits and operation of the plan to your employees
  • Assisting with plan administration and training of local plan administrators
  • Providing tax and legal due diligence for share plans
  • Working with PwC accounting specialists to assure the proper bookkeeping of the costs of share plans
  • Co-ordination of advice on the international tax aspects of the share plans