Workforce cost management

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PwC' International Assignment Solutions group can significantly reduce the cost of your workforce by assisting you with the review of employee pay and benefits packages and implementing an efficient remuneration scheme.

Key Services

  • Quantification of current workforce cost
  • Review of the cost of benefits currently being provided to employees, such as company cars, pension insurance, accommodation, training, the use of sporting facilities, etc.
  • Identification of all policy, tax and social security issues
  • Design and implementation of a remuneration structure which will address the tax deductibility of the cost, taxability of the income for the employee, internal procedures and administration.
  • Quantification of the savings that would result from our recommended remuneration structure
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Creation of communication materials about the plan for your employees
  • Assistance with plan administration
  • Project supervision and maintenance
  • Tax and legal due diligence for the share plan
  • Ongoing tax and legal advice