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GlobalVATOnline is the first global website that provides a comprehensive guide to global VAT information from over 70 countries worldwide. The information provided is current but, most importantly, is quality controlled by VAT specialists present in the countries involved. GlobalVATOnline can keep you up-to-date on all VAT issues and developments as they unfold.

Key Benefits of our Service

  • Our service provides access to PwC’ VAT specialists in over 118 countries
  • Our Global VAT Research area supplies you with ‘GlobeSearch’, an in-depth search facility for key VAT information, including VAT rates, invoicing, exemptions, and reverse-charge and record-keeping requirements. It also contains a list of the latest PwC VAT publications and access to important Links to other online sources of Indirect Tax information.
  • Our service provides access to VAT News, including Latest News and Feature Articles providing VAT-related news and commentary by our VAT specialists and quick access to your topic of interest through the VAT Search and Advanced Search function. The Events section furnishes information on upcoming Indirect tax seminars, conferences, and courses.
  • Our service also provides you with the option to receive a weekly summary of VAT news by e-mail.
  • Customs News features customs duty news and information from around the globe and draws on PwC’ international customs expertise across Europe, the USA, and China.
  • Our new Tax Risk Services section contains details of PwC’ variety of Technology Solutions, which can facilitate the identification of indirect tax risk (particularly VAT risk) and which can also identify possible methods of managing those risks.
  • For Indirect Tax professionals, our ‘Communities’ section provides an opportunity to access specialist information and solutions created in conjunction with PwC and focusing on all aspects of indirect tax in Europe and beyond.

Free Viewing

You are invited to see how this service will benefit your company in “Free to View”. You will be directed to the GlobeSearch section with unrestricted access to search for VAT information from selected countries. You can also review selected news items. The data provided on the free to view countries is intended to illustrate the range of information that we offer on over 70 countries.


By clicking on “Register”, you can access a simple on-line registration form that will enable you to apply for an annual subscription to our service. There are a number of annual subscription options for you to choose from. Your subscription will be activated upon submission of the registration form, giving you full access to all the features and benefits of the service.

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