Environmental taxes

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The current environmental tax reform introduced new environmental taxes into theCzech tax system effective from 1 January 2008. Taxation of electricity, naturalgas, and solid fuels (i.e., energy products) is applied if the energy products aresupplied by the supplier to final consumers or when untaxed or exempted energyproducts are consumed.

Taxation of electricity, natural gas, and solid fuels places additional responsibilitiesparticularly on manufacturers, suppliers, and some consumers of energy products.Each person obliged to pay environmental tax has to comply with specificadministrative obligations. On the other hand, there are new tax exemptionpossibilities. Although the legislation governing environmental taxes is relativelysimple, it contains some provisions that may raise questions for taxpayers andwhich may be used for tax optimisation.

Our services

Ekologické daně

Scope and application of tax exemptions
  • Specification of tax exempt operations
  • Elimination of tax exemption violations
  • Utilisation of tax exemptions
  • Assistance with tax exemption applications

Tax returns

  • Processing and filing of tax returns
  • Processing and filing of supplementary tax returns

Unusual methods of supply

  • Identification of the optimal system for handling energy products
  • Determination of tax liability

Cross boarder transactions

  • Assistance with proving place of supply outside the Czech Republic

Fulfilment of administrative obligations

  • Advice on record keeping obligations
  • Advice on documentary obligations
  • Advice on administrative obligations


Many other technical aspects concerning environmentaltaxes and dealing with energy products could causedifficulties (e.g. determining the calorific value of solidfuels or the amount of effective heat when electricityis produced). We offer assistance with reducingfinancial risks and minimising the costs associatedwith environmental taxes.