Value added tax (VAT)

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EU accession has had a major impact on VAT legislation and practice in the Czech Republic. It has made a complicated situation even more complex. Tax rates, VAT law and VAT systems differ in each Member State. This complex area requires expert advice to ensure that you are maximizing the cost effectiveness of your business. It is essential to monitor and manage VAT costs and to ensure that you comply with all the relevant legislation. Our indirect tax team can help you to streamline your operations to minimize VAT costs and provide you with the skill and foresight that you need to manage your VAT, rather than just paying it.

Our services focus around three main areas

  • Strategy and risk
  • Margin improvement
  • Process improvement

Key Services

  • Review of the VAT application within your business
  • Preparation of VAT returns and effective keeping of VAT records
  • Ensuring the correct application of VAT rates
  • Representing foreign companies for the purpose of reclaiming of
    Czech VAT
  • Representing Czech companies which qualify for a refund of foreign VAT
  • Analysis of business costs to optimize statutory VAT entitlements
  • Vision projects to provide you with an analysis of potential cost
  • Cash flow planning
  • Ensuring partly exempt businesses adopt optimum partial exemption method
  • Helping businesses to identify VAT efficient promotion schemes
  • Carrying out data analysis to identify risk areas, errors and opportunities for VAT savings
  • Acquisition planning
  • Outsourcing advice
  • Shared service centers
  • VAT management of the supply chain
  • E-invoicing and e-archiving
  • ERP configurations
  • Analysis of import or acquisition VAT to determine optimal cash flow
  • Assisting you with negotiations with the tax authorities

We have VAT specialists who are experts in the following sectors

  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • E-invoicing, E-archiving
  • Energy, Environmental
  • Financial Services
  • Litigation
  • Marketing Solution
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • PPP
  • Public Sector
  • Real Estate
  • Transactions

Key Tools

  • Data Analyser
  • Data Analyser for financial services
  • Global VAT online
  • Industries networks
  • Partial Exemption modeling
  • Risk Tool
  • VAT – aspects of marketing
  • VAT Healthcheck
  • VAT refund procedure

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