Czech CEO Survey 2015

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CZ 2015

This is the sixth time we have addressed the leaders of the most important companies operating in the Czech market. The Czech CEO Survey to which we received responses from 151 Czech business leaders follows the Global CEO Survey that PwC has executed for 18 years. Its results are traditionally published at the World economic forum in Davos in Switzerland.

The Czech CEO Survey 2015 has clearly shown that CEOs focus on growth. The common lamentation over the crisis is already past. Each company is unique and searches for its own way to success. The common denominator is the acquisition and correct usage of resources. People are the most important one.

The fear that there will not be enough employees with required knowledge will represent – according to the CEOs – the biggest threat for their companies. Historically, this threat replaced traditional themes such as corruption, bureaucracy or high tax burden, for the first time. Therefore, we have devoted one single chapter to the question of employee’ motivation. I believe that it will be an inspiration for you to succeed in the struggle for the best employees.

We are going to grow

The overall confidence of CEOs in themselves and in the economy is growing. Despite a number of persisting uncertainties, they feel more stable than in previous years. Still, there are too few companies with aggressive strategies active on the market.

How confident are CEOs about their company’s revenue growth prospects over the next 12months/3 years?

How confident are CEOs about their company’s revenue growth prospects over the next 12months/3 years?

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Key Findings

We are going to grow

Jiří Moser

“Increasing proportion of companies that plan to grow thanks to innovations is a promise of a positive trend. Still, companies that see the biggest opportunity for growth in penetration of the current domestic market are dominating in the market.”

Jiří Moser Country Managing Partner, PwC ČR

Transactions are coming back to life

Miroslav Bratrych

“Good condition of domestic banks helps transactions. Banks have a surplus of cash and are willing to provide financing under very favourable conditions – for good investment opportunities, they are also willing to cover more than half of the transaction value.”

Miroslav Bratrych, Leading partner Advisory Services, PwC ČR

Relations with the East are cooling

Petr Smutný

“Long-term evolution of the currency can be estimated by analysts on the basis of market behaviour, but administrative measures are difficult to predict.”

Petr Smutný, Partner, Corporate Finance and Restructuring, PwC ČR

People and technology

Aleš Špidla

“I’m pleased that 15% of companies have increased their investment in digital technologies in order to increase cyber security. I was afraid that it would be even less. I hope that other companies already have these technologies and are now only working on the improving processes.”

Aleš Špidla, Cyber Security Specialist, PwC ČR

Strategic motivation

Daniel Soukup

“Performance management system will instead be about continual coaching and development rather than ranking.”

Daniel Soukup, HRM Specialist, PwC ČR

Lack of people …

Daniel Soukup

“Companies analyse the conditions for obtaining and retaining key people in detail – how many of them they need and what rival companies offer.”

Daniel Soukup, HRM Expert, PwC ČR

Thinking globally

Věra Výtvarová

“Czech companies will have to focus on products with high added value, so that they could pay their experts.”

Věra Výtvarová, Leading Partner, Assurance Services, PwC ČR

Money from Brussels mostly for innovations

Karel Půbal

“Subsidies which will be available in Czech operational programmes will primarily go to small and medium-sized companies. However, it does not mean that big companies could not apply for money from EU programmes distributed directly in Brussels.”

Karel Půbal, Director, Advisory Services for the Public Sector, PwC ČR

Although complicated, the state is our partner

David Borkovec

“The state as well as the tax office should approach companies that pay taxes honestly, the same way as good customers.”

David Borkovec, Leading Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC ČR

Less dissatisfied CEOs

Karel Půbal

“Companies perceive public administration positively which is related to the general appeasement of the economical and political situation in the Czech Republic.”

Karel Půbal, Advisory Services for the Public Sector, PwC ČR