Czech CEO Survey 2016

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CZ 2016

This is the seventh time we have addressed the leaders of the most important companies operating in the Czech market. The Czech CEO Survey, to which we received responses from 110 Czech business leaders, follows the Global CEO Survey that PwC has executed for 19 years. Its results are traditionally published at theWorld economic forum in Davos in Switzerland.

The Czech CEO survey 2016 showed an extraordinary rate of optimism by Czech business leaders as compared to their world CEO colleagues who are far more pessimistic.

Czech CEOs are also less worried than their colleagues around the globe about external geopolitical impacts.

The key topic of the CEOs agenda remains the issue of how to get suitable employees to join their companies and how to keep them. It is the latest digital, mobile and cloud technologies that are related to that topic but they also influence the internal corporate culture of companies.

On the one hand, corporate cultures would have to adapt to the new generation´s habits of using these technologies. On the other hand, the new generation has a different approach to the work and life in a dynamically changing world.

We believe that our survey will help you to orient better towards these changes.

The highest confidence rate

Czech economy ranked among the top European states in 2015 with the GDP growth of more than 4 %. Even though the growth was influenced by receiving money from EU funds, companies trust in the economy is evident. This is proven by the increasing number of investments, wage increas or very low unemployment rate.

How confident are CEOs about their company’s revenue growth prospects over the next 12months/3 years?

How confident are CEOs about their company’s revenue growth prospects over the next 12months/3 years?

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Key Findings

The highest confidence rate

Petr Smutný

“Companies learned to work with balance, they manage to create their own resources and reserves.“

Petr Smutný, Partner in Corporate finances and restructuring department, PwC CZ

Czech crown

Olga Cilečková

“Companies should not forget that possible euro acceptance does not cover all their exchange rate risks.Many materials are imported fromdollar territories and also big investments are exported to non-euro regions.”

Olga Cilečková, Treasure risk manager, PwC ČR

We save but we want to grow

Miroslav Bratrych,

“Investors´ interests lie in traditional industry sectors like engineering or energetics but also in IT ormedia. Acquisitions aremade by local investors but there are a wide range of foreign players, too. The interest of Chinese investors to invest to Czech companies and Central and Eastern Europe is increasing. “

Miroslav Bratrych, managing Partner in Consulting, PwC ČR

We will not have employees…

According to CEOs the key topic in 2015 was the availability of employees with required knowledge, experiences and skills. In 2016, the year-on-year increase in new vaccancies will not be that significant but the reservoir of vacant labour force will also decrease.

Technologies and corporate culture

Petr Chadima

“In 1920,machineswere engaged in the automatization of car production,whereas in 2016, they can drive a car, diagnose a patient or approve contracts. “

Petr Chadima, expert in technological consulting, PwC CZ

The state tightened up

Bořivoj Líbal

“The survey showed up that CEOs are circumspected in their positions of statutory deputies. They took necessary measures to complet their knowledge of law about these risks, often by consultingwith their external lawyers. More than a quarter of companies had to re-expose their processes.“

Bořivoj Líbal, the managing Partner of PwC Legal CZ

How do CEOs keep up

Andrea Linhartová Palánová,

“Companies deal quite intensivelywith the question of keeping employees and gaining new ones fromdiverse age groups,with different values, priorities and expectations. However, they should try to solve the problemof the co-existence ofmore generations or different specific groups of employees in one workplace and a way tomanage themeffectively.”

Andrea Linhartová Palánová, HR expert in PwC CZ

How to approach the generation Y and Z labour force?

Andrea Linhartová Palánová,

“Generations Y and Z are important for companies´ opportunities due to their habit of using the internet, socialmedia andmodern technologies in their everyday life. If they get a chance, they can help companies to focus their investments into innovations or they can help with an innovative way of approaching customers.”

Andrea Linhartová Palánová, HR expert in PwC CZ

Competitiveness of the Czech Republic

CEOs clearly stated clearly that they expect a less complicated life from the government due to administrative and tax burden. This comprise innovation opportunities which leaders of the Czech companies see in a public administration – functional processes and controlling mechanism.

Foreign expansion

Tomáš Bašta

“In response to the progress of the domesticmarket, lots of building companies are starting tomove their capacities abroad.However, not every company catch as on in foreign countries. Foreignmarkets are usually very protectionist and, in addition, Czech companies can face a lot of troubles due to a lack of awareness of the local environment that can lead to a decrease in profitability.”

Tomáš Bašta, Partner in Audit services, PwC CZ




Czech CEO Survey 2016

The Czech CEO survey 2016 showed an extraordinary rate of optimism by Czech business leaders as compared to their world CEO colleagues who are far more pessimistic.

Download the 7th edition of the Czech CEO Survey 2016 (pdf 4,4 MB)


Czech CEO Survey 2015

The Czech CEO Survey 2015 has clearly shown that CEOs focus on growth. The common lamentation over the crisis is already past. Each company is unique and search e s for its own way to success. The common denominator is the acquisition and correct usage of resources. P eople are the most important one. The fear that there will not be enough employees with required knowledge will represent – according to the CEOs – the biggest threat for their companies. Historically, this threat replaced traditional themes such as corruption, bureaucracy or high tax burden , for the first time. Therefore, we have devoted one single chapter to the q uestion of employee’ motivation. I believe that it will be an inspiration for you to succeed in the struggle for the best employees.

Download the 6th edition of the Czech CEO Survey 2015 (pdf 1,85 MB)


Czech CEO Survey 2014

The Czech CEO Survey 2014 showed that thoughts on the crisis, which were very common during the past five years, have been replaced by a new challenge – achieving a new reality. The new reality is as demanding as the recent period. However, CEOs’ increasing confidence indicates that, certain doubts aside, they do believe in success. Entering new industries could help them to achieve it.

Download the 5th edition of the Czech CEO Survey 2014 (pdf 326 KB)