Automotive publications

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PwC has published numerous publications on a number of automotive topics.

Re-inventing the wheel: Scenarios for the transformation of the automotive industry


Explore scenarios for the transformation of the automotive industry in PwC's Re-inventing the wheel.

Driving Value: 2014 Automotive M&A Insights


For the first time in three years, 2014 marked an increase in M&A activity. The uptick registered across the board in deal volume, value and size.

BEPS: Automotive Transfer Pricing compliance


The increased transparency that businesses are forced to operate under through various regulatory bodies has now extended to income taxes. Under the banner of tax fairness waved by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) comes its Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.

Interview with Olof Persson President & CEO, The Volvo Group


View insights on key business issues from Olof Persson of The Volvo Group as part of PwC's 18th Annual Global CEO Survey

Stay informed: 2014 Automotive SEC Comment letter trends: PwC


Take a closer look at the latest automotive SEC comment letters and trends to prepare your end of year financial reports and high quality annual reports.

Consolidation in the Global Automotive Supply Industry 2014


This study analyzes the global automotive supplier consolidation trends and assesses the strategic and operational capabilities and financial performance. Take a closer look at the key underlying technology and business trends effecting automotive suppliers and driving consolidation.

Automotive M&A Insights – 2014 Mid-Year Review


After an imposing first half of 2014 (H1 2014), PwC continues to maintain a positive outlook for Automotive M&A going forward. Global cross-sector M&A volume increased 6% in the first half of 2014 compared to 2013.

2014 Global Automotive Tax Guide


We welcome you to the 2014 Global Automotive Tax Guide. This publication compiles tax aspects relating to the use of a car in 43 of the world's most relevant car markets.

2014 European Shareholder Value Awards


The PwC European Automotive Shareholder Value Index (SVI) has become accepted as the standard measure of relative shareholder value in the automotive industry.

Automotive Tax Insights: 2014 tax rate benchmarking study for the Automotive sectors


New insights into the effective tax rate (ETR) reported by automotive companies in 2013, the trend in ETR over the last three years and the drivers of the ETR.

2014 North American Automotive Supplier Supply Chain Performance Study


The 2014 survey focuses on how automotive suppliers achieve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness through current planning, sourcing, and delivery capabilities. The study analyzes overall supplier performance, across each segment.

Other thought leadership


Other Autofacts thought leadership and publications.

How to be No. 1: facing future challenges in the automotive industry


This PwC paper explains how strong brands and clear priorities are key if automotive OEMs and suppliers Tare to compete successfully.

Gain insight for the road ahead Autofacts Industry Outlook Seminar


This PwC is an invitation from PwC's Autofacts team on May 20th to attend their first Industry Outlook Seminar to gain critical insight into both near- and long-term trends affecting the global automotive industry.

Driving Value: 2013 Automotive M&A Insights


PwC’s 2013 Automotive M&A Insights is a review of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and key trends of the global automotive industry and provides a review of automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and vehicle financiers and other related sectors.

Sustainability - business success beyond the short term


CEOs think resource scarcity and climate change, urbanisation and demographics are set to transform business. Will it be good for growth? Will the growth be good?

17th Annual global CEO Survey: Industry Focus: Transportation & logistics


In this year’s CEO survey transportation & logistics CEOs are more optimistic. They’re focusing on developing the workforce and improving their environmental footprint.

Sustainability - business success beyond the short term


CEOs think resource scarcity and climate change, urbanisation and demographics are set to transform business. Will it be good for growth? Will the growth be good?

17th Annual Global CEO Survey: Industry focus: Automotive


Automotive CEOs are more optimistic this year, despite worries about a wide range of threats. They see a need to respond to global trends, but many are just getting started.

2013 Automotive Sector Comment Letter Summary: Staying informed


This PwC paper explains why the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) continues to emphasise the primary role and responsibility assumed by management and audit committees in providing meaningful and transparent information to investors. The uncertainties in the current economic and regulatory environment make the preparation of high-quality annual reports increasingly challenging.

2013 PwC Global Shareholder Value Award winners


PwC Automotive 2013 Global Shareholder Value Award winners.

State of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market


In 2009 and 2010, the Electrification Coalition released two major policy roadmaps that charted a course toward widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) among both typical consumers as well as commercial and government fleets. This PwC report comprises interviews with more than two dozen players in the electric vehicle space.

PwC's 365 thought Leadership App


This PwC Automotive industry practice page provides details about PwC’s 360 business app.

Megatrends driving the automotive industry


This PwC Automotive industry practice page discusses five global mega trends that have potential implications for the automotive business now and in the future.

Autofacts that puts you in the fast lane


This PwC’s Autofacts page provides industry executives with information on global automotive market conditions, industry-related data, trends, analysis and tactical insights.

Social Selling: A Digital Blueprint for the Automobile Industry


The automotive industry is amidst an era of marketing disruption. Traditional advertising models and budgets are withering and people are working to find the right mix of marketing among multiple social and digital platforms inside and outside of their control. This always-on and unlimited sharing of experiences, combined with digital communications tools embedded into the car ownership experience itself, has created a new playing field for automakers. This is the third online era. How all of it combined influences the transaction experience is what we refer to as social selling.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear: Auto finance industry keeps its sights on impending regulation


Although most auto dealers are exempt from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) supervisory authority, CFPB’s oversight of automobile finance transactions is expanding. In the upcoming months, auto lenders and dealers are likely to see increased regulatory scrutiny around consumer protection matters, and this could mean significant changes for the industry.

2013 European Shareholder Value Awards


This PwC publication covers the European Automotive Shareholder Value Awards, which are presented annually at the Automotive News Europe Congress and recognize the highest total shareholder return for European Vehicle Manufacturers, Parts Suppliers and Retail Distributors over one-year period ended 31 March, 2013.

The highway to growth: strategies for automotive innovation


Drivers meet data shows why automotive executives should take a fresh look at their innovation strategy, balance their innovation efforts, enhance collaboration and look for meaningful ways to improve their innovation culture and attract the best talent, today and tomorrow, all over the world.

Automotive Tax Insights: 2014 Mexican Tax Reform


This PwC paper discusses the 2014 Mexican Tax Reform proposals eliminate tax consolidation and flat tax, limit maquiladora regime and introduce a new 10% dividend tax.

Automotive M&A Insights – Mid Year Review 2013


This PwC quarterly publication reviews the status of global automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, financiers, and other related sectors, as well as key trends that impacted the deal market in the first half of 2013, transaction activity by sector and region, and PwC's perspective on the road ahead

Consolidation in the Global Automotive Supply Industry 2013


This PwC study looks at the ability and willingness of global automotive suppliers to acquire other suppliers as well as identifies the likely acquisition targets.

European Car Taxation Guide 2013


The Car Taxation Guide describes the different tax systems applicable to the use and leasing of cars in the broad sense of the word. The book comprises updated detailed information on the following areas: Car registration, Car taxation, Direct taxation, VAT, Accounting, Company car, Electric vehicles and Future developments.

Lessee Accounting – Automotive Industry


The FASB and the IASB are moving forward with a lease accounting overhaul that will bring substantially all leases onto the balance sheet and change income statement recognition. Companies should begin now to prepare, in a measured way, for the upcoming necessary business process changes.

Innovating for future growth: Automotive assurance products’ strategy


This PwC publication focuses on the assurance products’ strategy in the automotive industry.

Analyst Note Plus


Analyst Note Plus

Autofacts App


Autofacts App

Automotive Tax Insights: 2013 tax rate benchmarking study for the Automotive sectors


This PwC publication provides insight into the effective tax rate (ETR) reported by automotive companies in 2012, the trend in ETR over the last three years and the drivers of the ETR.

Global Analyst Briefing: 2015 Q2


Issues in focus in this 2015 Q2 Global Analyst Briefing include: Global market overview, along with deep dive regional analysis, including unique market drivers, contribution to growth and mature vs. emerging market data.

Americas Analyst Briefing: 2015 Q2


Issues in focus in this 2015 Q2 Americas Analyst Briefing include: North and South America light vehicle sales and assembly outlook, powertrain forecast data, and a detailed macroeconomic review of key market / demand drivers.

EMEA Analyst Briefing: 2015 Q2


Issues in focus in this 2015 Q2 EMEA Analyst Briefing include: Assembly, capacity and sales outlook for EU, East Europe, and ME&A regions, with assembly forecast scenarios and regional powertrain outlooks.

Looking ahead: Driving co-creation in the auto industry


This PwC publication focuses on how co-creation methods can provide outlets for OEMs to engage customers, dealers, employees and suppliers.

Asia-Pacific Analyst Briefing: 2015 Q2


Issues in focus in this 2015 Q2 Asia-Pacific Analyst Briefing include: Asia-Pacific light vehicle sales and assembly outlook, powertrain forecast data, and macroeconomic review of key market / demand drivers.

Automotive M&A Insights: Driving Value — A review of mergers and acquisition activity in the global automotive industry.


Despite 2011’s recovery constraints and challenges, in the macroeconomic environment, there are still signs of growth in the automotive industry. Automotive mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the first half of 2012 has given way to the macroeconomic pressures, resulting in a passive M&A activity for 2012 overall.

Charging forward: PwC’s 2012 electric vehicle study


This PwC automotive survey provides a examination of the major determining factors for the success of electric vehicles in the future and considers such issues as global emissions, OEMs, suppliers, manufacturing, technology, infrastructure, pricing, geography, and outlook.

North American Automotive Supplier Supply Chain Performance Study


This PwC publication explain why the future automotive supplier market − although it looks bright − also face key challenges, and improvements in certain areas could bolster their standings.

Electromobility Standards: Driving the Future


This PwC report asks, and answers, the question: Which standards does Germany need to set to become the leading provider and leading market for electromobility?

Automotive M&A Insights report: European debt crisis casts shadow on global M&A but also presents a unique window of opportunity


This PwC report examines activities in M&A throughout the Automotive sector in the first half of 2012.

Opportunities to improve financial reporting and internal controls in China: CAS and C-SOX: PwC


PwC discusses the key compliance issues facing Chinese companies today.

Advancing the automotive value chain: Re-examine and revise transfer pricing policies


Whether you believe that 2010 signalled the beginning of the industry recovery or was the year of a paradigm shift into a new automotive industry, the challenge will be to remember the lessons learned and incorporate those lessons into new transfer pricing policies.

At the wheel: Preparing for the future of automotive finance


As the economy begins its slow recovery, automotive finance companies now face a new business landscape. Our latest paper addresses accounting changes currently under consideration by the FASB and IASB.

Automotive issues: China factor


As most major developed markets recover in 2010, China is expected to remain the powerhouse (PwC's Autofacts forecasts China to build 14 million units in 2010 and 21 million by 2016), still supported by government stimulus. However, questions around the duration and extent of support bring as much uncertainty to the Chinese outlook as is the case for a host of world markets this year.

Automotive issues: Electrification of the industry


The outlook for electric vehicle technology will, inevitably, mean different things for different industry participants.