CIPD Intermediate Certificate in HRM

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About CIPD Intermediate Certificate in HRM

CIPD Intermediate Cerificate in HRMThe aim of the CIPD Intermediate Certificate in HRM is to prepare individuals for effective and efficient performance in a variety of professional roles in people management and development. The content of the programme consists of 6 workshops, online webinars and different assessments spread over 10 months. The modules cover all substantive areas of HR – Resourcing, Relations, Rewards, and Training and Development. In addition, general management concepts as well as the business context and the relevance of HR management in the Czech Republic are covered, while also drawing on international comparative analysis.


Who should study?

The programme is aimed at HR professionals who wish to extend their knowledge and skills in order to develop their career, gain credibility and international recognition. This qualification aims to develop entrepreneurial approach in HR people, shifting them from HR practitioners into Business people in HR.


Benefits of CIPD Intermediate Certificate in HRM

  1. Improved knowledge and competency in the following:
    • implementing and managing effective people management and development strategies
    • demonstrating a wide range of management skills, competencies and knowledge
    • exercising greater influence within your organisation
    • demonstrating a greater understanding of the business environment
    • helping attract, retain and develop people needed for organisational success
    • effectively managing and communicating organisational change
    • understanding of key labour market trends and their significance for different kinds of organisations and in different country contexts
    • understanding the business context of reward, including key reward principles, policies and practices
    • know how to deliver clear, business-focused reports on an HR issue

  2. An internationally recognised HR qualification from a world’s leading HR professional body

  3. Associate membership CIPD - a Global Professional Institute in Personnel and Development; membership includes exclusive access to professional resources and tools, online learning journals and monthly magazines, extensive library of HC professional resources and CPD tools; membership of special interest forums and annual conferences and seminars

  4. Membership of a learning community of key HC leaders from leading organizations in this region – an excellent net­working and benchmarking opportunity



Module Topics structure
I. (2 days) Introduction and Developing Professional Practice
II. (2 days) Business issues and the Context of Human Resources
III. (1 day) Using Information in Human Resources
IV. (3 days) Managing and Coordinating the Human Resources Function
V. (2 days) Resourcing and Talent Planning
VI. (2 days) Reward Management



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