Our strategy implementation timeline

We have developed a timeline, which provides milestones in relation to key activities, such as external reporting, and the development of internal metrics, targets, systems and data collection.


External reporting
Global Annual Review
Combined Global Annual Review and UNGC CoP (FY13)
Combined Reporting (FY14)
Combined Reporting (FY15)
Combined Reporting (FY16)
UN Global Compact CoP 2012

Targets and communication
Activity based commitments
Initial scope performance targets
Extended scope
performance targets

Data, KPIs and systems
Inititial scope KPIs and performance data
Full set KPIs, extended performance data
KPI development and shadow reporting
Extension and improvement of KPIs / performance data, external reporting

Assurance of selected KPIs

Development and application of globally consistent assurance approach

Leadership Ladders, territory tools & guidance
Development of Leadership Ladders
Implementation including integration into Network business planning process

Reporting guidance for territories

Global GHG measurement protocol
Extended applications

Stakeholder engagement
Alignment between local and global approaches

Strategy focus areas
Progress leadership position in four strategic focus areas, with an emphasis on embedding into core services and leveraging our competencies, outcome measurement, and global alignment.