The Sustainability Yearbook 2010

The Sustainability Yearbook 2010 (PDF - 1.6 Mb)

The Sustainability Yearbook 2010, published by SAM and PricewaterhouseCoopers, offers you an overview of the results of SAM’s 11th annual assessment of corporate sustainability practices, which provides the basis for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). In 2009, the sustainability performance of more than 1,200 companies was evaluated. It is encouraging to see a steady increase in participation rates in our assessment, which we believe clearly reflects the rising awareness and importance of corporate sustainability management even in times of crisis.

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The Right Combination

The Right Combination (PDF - 2.0 Mb)

Nowadays more and more companies give account of their sustainability policies and performance through special reports. These reports, often referred to as corporate responsibility reports or sustainability reports, have developed Foreword over the past decade from one subject reports (often only environmental or social) into fully fledged reports that integrate issues on the dimensions of planet, people and profit. With better standards on CR reporting evolving, the quality of those reports has also increased. A sound result of those developments is the rise in the number of reports that include a third party assurance statement.

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Reportes de Sustentabilidad en Chile Reportes de Sustentabilidad en Chile (PDF - 1.6 Mb)

La práctica de elaborar Reportes de Sustentabilidad registra un crecimiento exponencial desde el año 2000 a la fecha en Chile. En este período medio centenar de organizaciones se han iniciado en la práctica de preparación de informes separados y cada vez más amplios sobre su gestión, siguiendo la tendencia mundial de transparentar, no sólo el desempeño económicofinanciero, sino también sus objetivos, estrategias y resultados en materia laboral, responsabilidad sobre los productos y servicios, relacionamiento con la comunidad, impactos en el medioambiente y prácticas de gobierno corporativo.

The Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda (PDF - 334 Kb)

While the global challenges related to sustainability are manifest, defining how businesses can meet the challenges can be daunting. Sustainability can encompass a broad range of issues that affect business — from pollution and climate change to education, poverty, health and human rights. It involves a connected world with a broad range of stakeholders—from employees and communities to governments and NGOs. And it includes operations in parts of the world with differing jurisdictions, regulations and standards of practice. Not surprisingly, businesses often wonder where to begin.

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