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You may contact us in order to obtain more information about our offices in Chile through this e-mail:, through this phone number: 56-2 2940 0000, or in our address: Av. Andrés Bello 2711, 5th floor, Las Condes - Santiago, Chile.

To learn more about our services, please contact us at (56-2) 2940 0707, cell phone 9-359 2350 or in the following link.

PwC Chile's Partners

Luis Enrique Álamos - Senior Partner

Assurance Services

Renzo Corona Spedaliere - Assurance Leader Partner

Juan Aguayo

Luis Arancibia

Ricardo Arraño

Hector Cabrera

Ivan Calderón

Javier Gatica Menke

Alvaro Nieto

Claudio Gerdtzen

Guido Licci Pino

Gonzalo Mercado Trujeda

Ariel Olguín Pisani

Fernando Orihuela Bertin

Pedro Pelen de Gregorio

Claudio Pérez

Juan Carlos Pitta

Carlos Sepúlveda

Germán Serrano

Sergio Tubío

Eduardo Vergara Davis

Roberto Villanueva

Jonathan Yeomans Gibbons

Advisory Sevices

Colin Steve Becker Wingrin - Advisory Leader Partner

Raúl Arteaga

Rodrigo Bucarey Winkler

José Ferrer

Alejandro Joignant Pacheco

Fernando Pérez Díaz

Rafael Ruano Diez

Cristián Sotelo

Mathieu B. Vallart

Tax & Legal Services

Francisco Selamé Marchant - Tax & Legal Leader Partner

Luis Avello Lizana

Sandra Benedetto

Germán Campos Kennett

Marcelo Laport González

Didier Lara

Loreto Pelegrí

Miguel Rencoret

Roberto Carlos Rivas

Carlos Vergara