The demographic view on 30 world cities

Exploring the urban demographic megatrend from Cities of Opportunity

Demographics are a knowledge tool around which policymakers in business, government, and education can understand the flow of emerging needs and can develop strategies to advance the well being of urban people and communities.

Cities of Opportunity 6: We the urban people investigates demographics in 30 of the world's centers of finance, commerce, and culture. We take the shape of city populations and the priorities of city people in the midst of an urban demographic megatrend. Cities of Opportunity 6: We the urban people complements our quantitative comparative approach in Cities of Opportunity 6 with an entirely human approach, offering a discrete examination of the demographic factors at work in city life – ages, densities, dependencies and even the preferences of people who make cities live today and thrive tomorrow.

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Tracking the Arc of Demographics

If “a great city is an inventory of the possible,” as René Descartes said about 17th century Amsterdam, people themselves give life to a city and turn dreams into possibilities—whether schools or businesses, parks or theatres, roadways or hospitals. Demography provides a statistical portrait of the people in fine detail and broader trends on ages, densities, dependencies, and more, applying statistics to the study of human population. Here, we examine the population patterns of the 30 cities included in Cities of Opportunity 6 and take a closer look at two important demographic groups. First, global cities all require highly skilled, working-age people to build the future. Insight into urban professionals comes from 15,000 at PwC who took five minutes to tell us their city story. Second, an increasingly elderly world population calls for wise approaches to urban aging. Solutions being developed in Seoul, Stockholm, and Tokyo show cities working hard to turn lonely old age into a longevity dividend.

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