China's impact on the semiconductor industry: 2016 update

Both China's semiconductor production and consumption revenues continued to outpace those of the global market, further solidifying its position as a key player in the worldwide industry.

Worldwide semiconductor consumption market by region, 2003-2015

China's semiconductor consumption growth continued to far exceed worldwide semiconductor market growth for the fifth consecutive year in 2015. Growing at 5.9% in 2015, it reached a new record of 58.5% of the global market. In contrast, the worldwide semiconductor market decreased slightly in 2015.

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China's semiconductor industry by sector, 2003-2015

Although the optoelectronics-sensors-discretes (OSD) sector continued to hold the highest share of China's semiconductor industry, the shift toward the integrated circuit (IC) sectors continued, with both IC design and IC manufacturing growth at strong double-digit (24.1%) rates.

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China's wafer fabrication capacity and share of worldwide capacity, 2002-2015

After several flat years, China's wafer fabrication capacity increased 7% in 2015, bringing its share of worldwide capacity to 12.7%.

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