PwC's 20th CEO Survey

20 years inside the mind of the CEO

Look back at our 1st Annual Survey of CEOs

PwC’s been talking to CEOs for the past 20 years. Now you can see where it all began – take a look at the very first global CEO Survey from 1998, Inside the mind of the CEO. Find out what CEOs two decades ago thought about issues like technology, globalisation and workforce skills. Discover what's changed – starting with CEOs’ personal Internet usage, improbably measured in days per month back then! And indeed, what's not changed, including CEOs’ concerns about themes like regulation, disruptive competitors and finding the right talent. Take a trip down memory lane…


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CEOs revisited - An anniversary retrospective interview with Craig Donaldson of Metro Bank PLC, UK

As part of our CEO Survey anniversary celebrations, we go back to talk to Craig Donaldson, Metro Bank’s CEO, first interviewed in 2014. Here, he reflects on technology as an enabler, maintaining a customer-centric culture, overcoming privacy concerns and staying fit for the future.





Who’s at the table? The C-suite and 20 years of change

In the run-up to the 20th anniversary of our global CEO Survey, we’ve been reflecting on how the roles of the CEO and the team they lead have changed in that time. CEOs are often said to have the loneliest job in business. Yet arguably they are less lonely today than they were 20 years ago. That’s because the C-suite has significantly grown in size and changed in composition in the two decades since PwC’s CEO Survey began.


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