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Canadian Total Retail 2016 Report


shoppers surveyed in 25 countries, including over 1000 in Canada.


buy products online weekly or monthly.


of Millennials agree that their mobile phone will become their main purchase tool.


of Millennials say that reading reviews, comments and feedback on social media influence their online shopping habits.


Canadian Total Retail 2016 key insights

In Canadian retail, the only certain thing is change.

New technologies continue to shape customer demands and retailers are hard-pressed to keep up with this evolving culture. Canadian shoppers are already thinking and shopping in omni-channel dimensions, and so retailers are looking to change their model into a personalized approach to better meet ongoing expectations and, ultimately, enhance the customer experience.

We hope the insights highlighted in this year’s report help you to figure out where to start on your Total Retail journey.



“The whole social part of shopping is really important. Sometimes we don't have the incentive to buy anything, but then we go to the store together because it's fun, and we end up buying something!”

Carmen, Millennial shopper


Explore the survey through the total retail journey

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  • Offering
  • Channels
  • Support

Almost 40% of consumers under the age of 34 say that interactions with their favourite brands through social media have driven them to respect and value those brands more.

Key trends: Engage

Retailers should aim to interact with and influence customers on their terms by using the power of social media and providing an engaging community. Customers want a seamless experience that recognizes them across channels. They’re looking for a platform that builds loyalty, rewards them for being involved with their favourite brands.

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Total Retail in action

Are you using technology to its fullest to deliver a unique in-store experience?

Are you providing customers with the ideal platform for them to share their interests and ideas?

Are you providing a real-time personalized experience to your customers?


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