Saratoga™ Workforce Performance Measurement

Your workforce. Your success.

You invest a lot in your people. These days the need to measure and justify every investment decision is greater than ever. So how do you know whether there is or will be a return on your investment? How do you demonstrate the value of your workforce and HR decision making? Are you positioned for future growth? Are you finding, developing and keeping the right people? How do you spot and remove inefficiencies and reduce costs?

For over 30 years PwC Saratoga has been helping organizations maximize their return on workforce and HR investments.


Saratoga is the world’s leading source of workforce measurement. It provides the largest global database of metrics spanning eights major industry sectors and 2,000 clients globally.


By looking inside and outside your organization, Saratoga can help you develop a clear analytics-based understanding of your workforce and build sustainable human capital advantage.


Saratoga provides insights on HR productivity and value creation, obstacles to your success to help you determine where you are today, and where you need to be in the future.

How does it work?

Saratoga uses a comprehensive survey of key HR and workforce performance measures to benchmark your organization against others in your industry. Our People and Organization team works with you to:

1. Understand what these measures mean for your organization
2. Develop action plans and programs to address critical areas of opportunity

The Metrics

The 2015 Saratoga Canada Human Capital Effectiveness Survey (HCES) Metrics list included in the brochure details the type of information we’ll gather from our Canadian subscriber data during early 2015. Benchmarks for many of the metrics can also be provided from our US HCES survey, or from one or more of the 58 countries where the Saratoga HCES survey is conducted each year.

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Interested in Saratoga?

By becoming a subscriber to our HCES you can gain access to an array of benchmarks on workforce performance from organizations in Canada, North America and other regions around the world. Get in touch with our People and organization team to help you get started!