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Anticipating and leveraging rapid changes in the technological space

This quarterly journal from PwC Global focuses on emerging trends in technology and the strategic options that new technologies can create for the enterprise. Focusing on one main theme per issue, The Technology Forecast offers an analysis of technology trends that are changing the way companies do business.

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The future of enterprise apps: Moving beyond workflows to mindflows
Encouraged by the trend toward contextually aware mobile apps, enterprises are starting to request—and software developers are beginning to create—business applications that include the essential workflow automation but go well beyond it to incorporate support for the human cognitive processes as part of the overall business process.

DevOps: Solving the engineering productivity challenge
This issue of the Technology Forecast describes the emerging IT development, infrastructure, and operations methodologies in the broader context of strategic and operational enterprise change initiatives.

Internet of Things: Evolving transactions into relationships
This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.

Solving business problems with game-based design
What is it about games that people enjoy so much? Whether it's the engagement, the motivation, or the challenge, businesses have begun to take notice.

The business value of APIs
This issue of the Technology Forecast examines how enterprises can engage with the challenges and opportunities stemming from SMAC (social computing, mobile computing, analytics and cloud computing) trends by scaling integrations and participating in expanding digital ecosystems.

Reshaping the workforce with the new analytics
This edition of Technology Forecast explores the impact of the new analytics and how a culture of inquiry enterprises can foster with the help of emerging data analysis tools and services.

Building sustainable companies
This edition of Technology Forecast explores how sustainability measures—increasingly a key measure of value in the marketplace—can and should be embedded in an enterprise’s systems, processes and technology.

Transforming collaboration with social tools
This issue of Technology Forecast explores how to confront communications overload and boost collaboration potential by making best use of the new powerful social tools. Business is inherently social, which is why collaboration and communications that scale are so fundamental.

Decoding Innovation's DNA - Issue 2, 2011
In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we’re all about innovation. What is it? Where does it come from? Is innovation a result of inscrutable genius, or can it be treated as an end-to-end process subject to performance optimization? The issue includes articles called “Can innovation be disciplined without killing it?”, “Powering the innovation life cycle”, and “The strategic CIO’s new role in innovation”. It also includes interviews with business leaders about their thoughts on innovation.

Unleashing enterprise mobility - Issue 1, 2011
In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we explore how enterprises can turn what has been a consumer trend in smart handhelds to their advantage. We outline the ways that security for smart handhelds is improving. Finally, we establish that CIOs need to acknowledge that employees now have their own IT capabilities, either by conveying an understanding of the device choice options to the rest of the C-suite, establishing new governance approaches, or formulating new business process models.
Technology Forecast