2014 10 Technology Trends for Business

For the first time ever, Canadian companies took part in the 6th Annual Digital IQ survey 2014. In the soon-to-be-released survey, we’ve seen major shifts in technology become more pronounced during 2013, and the coming year should see many key trends - led by analytics, social networking, mobile and cybersecurity - becoming even more ubiquitous. Technology is also likely to become more individual with personal clouds and wearable computing, and at the same time, more connected as everyone and everything moves online and on demand. With this, companies will quickly discover that they must approach IT in new and radically different ways.

The 2014 10 Technology Trends for Business shares insights into the top 10 technology trends that PwC believes will impact business in 2014 and gives a sneak peek into the upcoming 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey findings.

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