Threat and Vulnerability Management

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Helping you stay ahead of security breaches before they happen

Assessing and delivering effective information security risk management can be challenging for companies, especially when working within potentially threatening IT environments. It’s important to maintain your business continuity and availability, while setting the right policies to help you stay compliant with regulation requirements, both locally and internationally.

Companies can no longer afford to take a reactive stance to security threats — they need to proactively define their risk profile and determine if their controls and processes are appropriate and effective. They need to understand the nature of their data and protect it accordingly. And they need to clarify which regulatory challenges they will need to address as priorities within their line of business. By appropriately securing IT infrastructure and assets, organizations can also significantly reduce the likelihood of a business interruption from a security-related event.

How PwC can help

Our team can help you address information risk assurance issues to achieve your business, compliance and risk management objectives. PwC has in-depth experience helping companies reduce risk exposure, protect information assets and limit the impact of security-related events on business activity.

We can help you evaluate your risk profile so you are approaching security in an effective and appropriate way, using three key steps:

Threat detection

  • Develop a risk identification and management program
  • Monitor intrusions by deploying processes and tools that identify attacks
  • Evaluate exposure to malicious programs
  • Identify and remove unauthorized hardware, software or configuration changes
  • Implement processes that monitor system audit trails
  • Assist with incident response and forensics

Vulnerability detection

  • Develop processes to continually review selected assets for security compliance
  • Assess the vulnerabilities of information assets

Threat and vulnerability remediation

  • Build and deploy systems designed to mitigate identified threats
  • Develop and apply processes that secure existing system components
  • Assemble and test a comprehensive set of planned reactive activities

Make an informed decision about your threat and vulnerability management issues. Contact a PwC Information Security and Privacy professional in your area.