Security Strategy and Planning

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Defining security as a key business enabler

Your company needs a security and planning model that is a workable long-term solution. But managing security and privacy compliance – while still maintaining transparent governance – can be a huge challenge for many companies. You must have clear accountability and effective reporting while keeping your business running smoothly. Under increasing pressure to meet stringent regulatory requirements, businesses can no longer afford to take ad-hoc security measures. Your security strategy needs to be actionable, repeatable and reportable.

Companies must be able to define their risks and needs, and to think of security as a crucial part of their organization — as a key business enabler. And information security needs to be able to effectively communicate to senior management the importance of security’s role in the overall business.

How PwC can help

Our proven methodologies, tools and program accelerators in the security strategy and planning space enable us to rapidly deliver security strategy and governance models that are “cut to fit” our clients’ business — not “forced to fit.” We will take an inventory of your current security initiatives and provide an in-depth evaluation of your organization by accessing our extensive industry knowledge. After evaluating and prioritizing projects based on cost, benefit and alignment with the strategy, we will deliver an implementation roadmap.

We help clients with their strategy and planning issues using these key steps:

  • Assess existing spending, projects and capabilities against industry benchmarks
  • Align specific regulations with security agendas and business objectives
  • Develop actionable security plans
  • Create score-carding and analyzing projects and capabilities to help set goals

Get an edge on your strategy and planning issues. Contact a PwC Information Security and Privacy professional in your area.