Identity Management

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Increasing efficiency through centralized data and self-service

Giving people and machines the correct access to data, systems, buildings, etc. is often a challenge for business. Organizational and process changes, regulatory compliance, complex integration and a fast-moving vendor landscape can all contribute to the complexity of figuring out who should have access to your critical systems, and how best to manage this. But before implementing a new solution, it’s important to look at how well it will integrate into your current business processes and to define a clear business case for the solution.

How PwC can help

Building on our global experience, we use real-world knowledge to support all stages in the identity lifecycle – business case, strategy, design, implementation and sustainment as well as maintaining continuous compliance. Our Identity and Access Management centre of excellence has been delivering process and technology improvement solutions to our clients for more than five years.

By helping organizations identify and implement effective identity management solutions, we can help reduce operating costs associated with manual and time-consuming tasks, improve productivity by integrating workflow processes and help boost customer service through shorter response times and more rapid service.

Our team can offer support in the following ways:

  • Develop an IdM strategy that considers business, regulatory, risk and technology needs
  • Authenticate user identities using tokens, biometrics and Public Key Infrastructure
  • Develop standardized user access policies, procedures, rules and responsibilities
  • Centralize user data stores in a single enterprise directory
  • Implement effective user management to support self-service

Find out more about how to manage your people’s access. Contact a PwC Information Security and Privacy professional in your area.