Tax rules for family law practitioners

PwC provides this publication to assist you in your family law or mediation practice. The tax rules related to support payments and property settlements are extremely complex. The contents of this publication are not intended to replace the advice of tax professionals in respect of specific situations. We trust, however, that you will find this a useful resource in your discussions with your clients and other solicitors.

This publication will become outdated as the income tax rules related to family law matters change. (The information was current on December 31, 2010.) It is essential that you satisfy yourself that the rules you are relying on for a particular client matter are current law.

PwC’s taxation and valuation professionals can assist your clients with tax-effective property settlements, the valuation of family assets, the determination of income under the current child support rules and more. For more help, please contact any of the PwC people listed at the end of the PDF.