Human Resource Services Webcasts

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May 2014 - Topical immigration issues affecting your global business
This audio recording of an HRS breakfast seminar provides an overview of corporate immigration requirements, with a focus on Canadian and US cross-border travel. It outlines key strategies and information to facilitate successful cross-border movement.

February 2014: Foreign reporting requirements in Canada and the US: What’s new and why you need to comply
Recently, tax jurisdictions have increased their reporting requirements for taxpayers holding offshore property and financial accounts. Combined with increased scrutiny, accurate reporting of these assets is becoming even more essential.

January 2014: International assignment basics: Planning for successful assignments abroad
This 60 minute webcast by PwC’s Human Resource Services practice explores the potential hazards for companies or individuals that are new to the realm of global mobility, or those looking to enhance their current processes.

December 2013: Temporary away from home rules: Comparing and contrasting Canadian regulations with other common expat locations
This 60 minute webcast by PwC's Human Resource Services practice compares and contrasts the tax treatment of these expenses or allowances between Canada and common expat locations.

September 2013: New UK legislation leads to a ‘perfect storm’ for employers
This audio recording of an HRS breakfast seminar provides an overview of significant legislative changes in the UK that impact payroll, residency, and reporting and remittance considerations for short-term, long-term and permanent assignments.

May 2013: Foreign pension plans: Impact on Canadian companies and their employees
This webcast examines the implication to your company and its employees of participating in foreign pension plans.

February 2013: Engaging an independent contractor? It's more complicated than you think!
Engaging an independent contractor or a self-employed individual is becoming more common as an alternative source of talent. However, complexities can arise in the determination of their status as an employee or an independent contractor.

December 2011: Doing Business in the United States: U.S. state tax issues facing Canadian companies and their employees
As a result of the current economic environment, many U.S. states have become much more aggressive in taxing foreign corporations and individuals doing business in the United States.

October 2011: New US Investment Reporting Rules: Are you ready? What's new and what you need to know
Effective 2014, Canadian financial institutions will be required to disclose certain information to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for US account holders with Canadian accounts. This presentation reviews what this will mean for individual taxpayers and for companies with globally mobile employees.

June 2011: Director’s Fees: An overview of corporate and personal tax compliance for Canadian companies and their directors
To mitigate tax authority scrutiny, some companies opt to hire external directors for better oversight. This may result in fee payments to resident and non-resident directors. This presentation outlines the tax implications of these scenarios.