HRS insights

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Our new publication, HRS insights, highlights tax issues and solutions related to remuneration, retirement and benefits for international assignees.

HRS insights: CRA provides some relief to non resident employees attending conferences in Canada
Discusses the CRA's new relief in respect of non-resident employees attending conferences in Canada.

HRS insights: Canadian payroll requirements for non-resident employees in Canada—Are you complying?
This new human resources publication, HRS insights, outlines Canadian payroll requirements for employers that have non-resident employees who work in Canada.

HRS insights : U.S. employees in Canada under an intercompany services agreement: Exempt from Canadian tax under the treaty?
This issue of HRS insights, our human resource services publication, examines the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) view on the income tax remitting, withholding and reporting implications related to U.S. employees in Canada under an intercompany service agreement.

HRS insights: Non-resident employees in Canada: Regulation 102 waiver applications have changed
The first issue of our new human resources publication, HRS insights, looks at changes to Regulation 102 waiver applications. Non-resident employees working in Canada are subject to the same withholding, remitting and reporting obligations as Canadian employees.