View this page in: Français Top six questions directors should ask about conflict minerals
Have your board and management considered and addressed the risks related to conflict mineral reporting? Learn what questions need to be asked now to be prepared for the new rule.

Engaged communities, thriving business
Using a community impact sustainability strategy to engage stakeholders, build community support and achieve your project’s long-term objectives.

Change brings opportunities - Turn sustainability into your competitive advantage
We work with you to create sustainable business value by evaluating the entire sustainability picture. This brochure offers information on how we can help your organization develop or improve strategies for a sustainable future.

Going Green Tables: Select Federal and Provincial Incentives
Organizations need to strike a balance between generating profits and reducing their environmental impact. Download this publication for annual federal and provincial incentives to help you embrace sustainability.

A business case for sustainability
The business case for adopting socially responsible and sustainable business practices is clear, regardless of what industry you’re in. Just look at the environmental landscape. Read our article to learn more about the impact on private companies.

Climate Change Across the Country: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features a panel of guests speaking about the different climate change issues in a number of provinces across Canada.

Appetite for Change – The Canadian Summary
Canadian companies have a much stronger view than their US and global counterparts about the need for government to take the lead in developing effective polices for fighting climate change.

Post-Copenhagen Analysis: Implications for Business
PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Sustainability and Climate Change practices have put together the following paper to look at key business topics coming out of Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

Total tax contribution and corporate social responsibility of insurance companies
Panelists in PwC Insurance Club EyeOpener webcast talk about the main issues regarding total tax contribution, sustainability strategies, and the environment and how they relate to the insurance industry.

Corporate Sustainability in the Boardroom
While CSR is hard to quantify, the way companies approach sustainability and corporate responsibility should mirror their approach to business. PwC shares why directors should not wait till disaster strikes to strengthen their reputation and brand.