Appetite for Change – The Canadian Summary

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  • 92% of Canadian companies feel regulation is the most effective tool for reducing environmental impact
  • 90% of Canadian companies believe government should offer more incentives for investing in green activities and technologies
  • 60% of Canadian companies think government should lead behaviourial changes for going green
  • 58% of Canadian companies have already taken steps to become carbon neutral

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Canadian companies have a much stronger view than their US and global counterparts about the need for government to take the lead in developing effective polices for fighting climate change. This is according to the Canadian summary of Appetite for Change, a comprehensive survey examining attitudes in the international business community towards environmental regulation, legislation and taxes.

Sixty percent of Canadian respondents think that government should have primary responsibility for altering behaviour to combat climate change, compared to 44% of global respondents and just 23% of U.S. respondents. Furthermore, 70% of Canadian companies surveyed do not feel that current government policies are effective in encouraging businesses to significantly change their environmental behaviour. This is notably higher than results from U.S. respondents (51%) as well as the global average (56%).