Developments: Narrowing Canada’s innovation gap: PwC’s observations on the Jenkins report

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The report, “Innovation Canada: A Call to Action,” was released by the Independent Panel on Federal Support to Research and Development (R&D) on October 17, 2011. The report stems from a 2010 federal budget proposal calling for a comprehensive review of federal programs that support business innovation.

The federal government’s objective was to provide recommendations on maximizing the effect of federal programs that contribute to innovation and create economic opportunities for business. The government recognizes that, despite its high level of federal R&D support, Canada continues to lag other countries in business R&D spending, rates of commercialization of new products and services, and productivity growth.

This issue of Developments provides a commentary on each of the panel’s recommendations. It includes our perspectives and considers what the recommendations could mean for your organization. Read our analysis to learn more about:

  1. The panel’s framework
  2. The panel’s recommendations
  3. PwC reflections
  4. How PwC can help

On the day the Jenkins report was issued, we released a summary. Read our Jenkins report summary, “Developments: Jenkins report provides much-anticipated recommendations.”

Creating a culture of innovation

Watch to learn how some countries use patent boxes — a type of pull incentive — to drive innovation.

In this podcast, two of PwC Canada's tax partners – Vik Sachdev and Tracey Jennings – discuss the Jenkins report.

Read our submission

In generating the Jenkins report, the independent expert panel reviewing federal support for research and development asked for submissions on a number of consultation questions. PwC Canada, as a firm with experience with a broad range of programs supporting firms or commercially oriented R&D provided a submission to the panel. PwC has tax practitioners across the country dedicated to assisting firms file their SR&ED returns. We also maintain a database of over 500 government programs that we use to advise clients who are seeking financing or other forms of government assistance. Read our submission to the expert panel.

How the Jenkins report can positively shape the future of Canada’s Life Sciences Industry

The Jenkins report can become a catalyst for positive change within Canada’s life sciences sector. To help spur a consensus on how the government can implement the report's recommendations in a positive way for the life sciences sector, our Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences leader Gord Jans offer three suggestions in this article: