Total Tax Contribution: Surveying Canada’s Leading Enterprises

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TTC Surveying Canada's Leading Enterprises

March 2016: The 89 firms that took part in this survey contributed $77.5 billion to public finances, comprising $27.3 billion in taxes borne, $41.2 billion in taxes collected and another $9.0 billion in other payments to governments.

This survey collected data from 89 of Canada’s largest businesses, representing a range of industry sectors for fiscal year 2014. Results show that the 89 participating Business Council of Canada members are significant taxpayers, responsible for $77.5 billion to Canadian public finances, nearly 20% of all federal corporate tax revenue. In fact, the three levels of government together are the biggest beneficiary of payments from participating members (42%).

Beyond tax, the survey collects data about total employment numbers, compensation and the cost of tax compliance. Tax compliance costs remain a burden to businesses. The survey identified 68 types of taxes and other payments contributed to the three levels of government.