Helping to Manage Your Company’s Expansion into the US Market: A Cost-Effective Diagnostic Service Offering

Your challenges

Have you reached a point in your growth cycle where expansion in or into the US has become inevitable? While the prospect of expansion is an attractive one, there are speed bumps in the road to setting up your US operations. Narrowing your focus on contract agreements, third party negotiations, and other business “decisions” may lead to complex and poorly understood processes, a large and costly tax footprint, and potentially soaring compliance and audit defense costs.

If you are planning to take the leap into a new cross-border environment, you’ll need simple and practical advice on:

  • The exposure to and minimization of US taxation at the federal, state and local levels (residency)
  • The setup of your US business operations (subsidiary or branch)
  • The minimization of the US tax burden on your Canadian employees
  • The identification and future development of intellectual property (IP) in Canada, as well as the establishment of procedures to ensure that IP ownership is tax-effective
  • The effective alignment and simplification of business processes across the border
  • The benchmarking of intercompany transactions
  • The procedures around accounting and financial reporting
  • The identification and management of customs, export controls and cross-border compensation issues

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

Looking to set up your business in the US? Or have you already taken this imperative step? No matter what phase you’re in, our tax professionals can help advise you on how to overcome any future regulatory and tax hurdles.

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