People First: PwC's Saratoga HR Benchmarking Services

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Your challenges

Economic instability, department cutbacks, budgetary constraints and massive layoffs can rapidly chip away at business performance. And when your workforce’s productivity begins to flat line, employee engagement becomes your treatment of choice. Benchmarking is one effective way that helps you tap into the reservoir of skills and talents that fuel business growth and innovation. However, since most information available in the Canadian market is too broad, it’s difficult to make reasonable
comparisons across industries and other demographic groups.

PwC will help

PwC’s Saratoga HR benchmarking services is a global leader in workforce research, human capital measurement and
benchmarking. With a reputation that spans over 30 years, we assist some of Canada’s top organizations in uncovering the business drivers behind employee engagement and retention.

Our comprehensive database, easy-to-use feedback, and broader HR and business know-how can help you:

  • Stimulate and improve employee performance
  • Capitalize on training, recruiting and other investments
  • Keep pace with other industry leaders
  • Engage your current staff and attract new talent