Direct Tax Recovery Review: Helping you Recover Overpaid Corporate Taxes

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Your challenges

For today’s tax directors, limited resources, accelerated time lines and multiple
systems all make the tax preparation and compliance process very difficult.
The ability to verify and “audit” accounting information—to ensure you’re not
paying too much tax—is a hard challenge to overcome.

PwC will help

PwC’s Direct Tax Recovery Review (DTR) can help you close the information gap that sometimes exists between accounting, IT and tax. Developed by former tax directors, the DTR is a proven, non-intrusive and proprietary process that’s helped dozens of clients in numerous industries recoup over $15 million in tax overpayments. Even better, it can do the same for you.
Don’t want to pay more than your fair share? Contact us to find out more about the DTR and how it can assist you.