The Credit Crisis and Cash Management

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Your challenges

Tighter access to credit and equity capital has already triggered a string of difficulties for companies looking to sustain and expand their operations. Without financial backing from banks and other lending institutions, how will you continue to pay for operations and capitalize on growth?

It's critical to note that tightened lending practices have increased the necessity to acquire working capital from other sources — and most notably through the tax function. And whether you are a Canadian or foreign multinational corporation, we can help you access surplus income within your foreign subsidiaries or repatriate surplus cash out of Canada on a cost-effective basis.

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

By enlisting our Tax and Advisory Services professionals, PwC can help you defer or reduce your tax installments, identify overpayments, access lower tax rates, maximize tax credits, and expedite the tax refund process. We're ready to discuss with you how the credit crisis impacts your business, and ultimately, identify an appropriate way to recover your cash through innovative tax planning.