Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Bringing Tax to the Forefront in Business Outsourcing Arrangements

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Your challenges

The global economic crisis is forcing companies to cut back on costs, improve service levels, and secure access to technology and best practices-with the overall goal of achieving greater profitability and efficiency across its operations. Outsourcing IT and other core business activities is one important way of maintaining capital and minimizing cost in a downturn.

However, a proposed or existing outsourcing arrangement presents a host of tax issues ranging from compliance with authorities to maintaining tax obligations under foreign jurisdictions. Parties who have already entered into outsourcing arrangements may discover that the anticipated economic benefits are, if anything, diminished by increased tax costs.

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

At PwC, we offer an optimal mix of advisory and tax professionals who can assist you in examining and managing the tax consequences of your company's outsourcing arrangement. By providing an independent assessment of your IT or business processes — or by simply reviewing your tax compliance with various jurisdictions — we can help you shoulder your tax burden in a market that is becoming increasingly complex.

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