Taxation and tax incentives in Ontario 2011

PwC Canada is pleased to introduce this first edition of Taxation and tax incentives in Ontario: Your essential guide.

This publication is an indispensable reference tool for anyone or any entity that does business in Ontario or is considering doing business in Ontario. It will also help if you live in Ontario or might move here.

This guide will save you time and effort by providing personal and corporate tax information in one convenient document. For example, it can help you:

  • understand the alternative structures for carrying on business in Canada – and the registration requirements for non-residents who do so;
  • discover that Ontario’s combined general corporate income tax rate for 2011 is lower than that of any U.S. state, Japan, France and Germany;
  • learn about the Canadian and Ontario tax rates and incentives that apply to your company – including tax credits for taxpayers that carry on scientific research and experimental developments or are in the entertainment and media industry (or both!) – and who to call to help you access these incentives;
  • identify the taxes that may be imposed on your business, such as employer payroll tax, harmonized sales tax rates and land transfer tax;
  • become familiar with Canada’s import and export rules; and
  • gain an overview of the rules governing personal taxes in Ontario and some of the main tax incentives available to individuals

Of course, this information is most effective when used in tandem with professional advice. For further help, please contact your PwC tax adviser or any of the individuals listed on the last page.

The edition is current to September 1, 2011. Important post-publication changes affecting Ontario can be found on our website at, along with other important Canadian tax developments.