PwC’s submission to the finance minister on the 2012 federal budget

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PwC supports the government’s efforts to secure Canada’s economic prosperity by facilitating business investment, eliminating the budget deficit and enhancing key economic drivers such as technological innovation and development, work force productivity, efficient and effective infrastructures, and access to foreign markets for Canadian-produced goods and services. These initiatives are essential in order to create and sustain a competitive business environment in Canada. So is the pursuit of efficient and competitive regulatory and income tax laws. A competitive Canadian business environment is necessary to attract business investment and human capital, spur innovation and create economic growth and jobs.

Canada must compete with other nations for global business investment. A competitive business environment needs a competitive and efficient tax system. The key factors of a competitive and efficient tax system — competitive tax rates, efficient and sustainable sources of tax revenue, international and domestic tax rules that recognizes and accommodates modern business structures and practices, legislative and administrative certainty, and reduced compliance burdens — must continue to be a focus of the government.

Our tax proposals have the goal of enhancing the competitiveness and efficiency of Canada’s tax system. This will enhance the competitiveness of Canada’s business environment and will attract business investment and human capital needed to stimulate economic growth and to create more jobs for Canadians.

Learn more about our tax proposals in our pre-budget submission to the federal government.