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Global FS tax newsflash: Swiss Federal Supreme Court Rules in Withholding Tax Case for Danish Banks
The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has delivered two judgements regarding Swiss withholding tax refund cases for two Danish banks involved in derivative transactions over the dividend ex-date with Swiss equities.

Global FS tax newsflash: Update on application of VAT in international VAT groups
A recent European Court decision may have far reaching implications for international FS businesses operating VAT groups due to VAT charges now being created where previously there have been none between a head office location and its branch.

Global FS tax newsflash: EU FTT – EU-10 come together with further statement of political intent
The spotlight returned to Brussels on May 6, 2014, as observers awaited an update on the latest developments on the EU Financial Transaction Tax at the ECOFIN meeting of finance ministers.

Global FS tax newsflash: From CRD IV to country-by-country tax reporting for all large companies and groups?
CRD IV: For banks and in place for 2014 - capital management, bonus caps, corporate governance and transparency, including country-by-country tax reporting. There is much about CRD IV that is critical for banks to understand and for financial services to take note of. This Newsflash looks at the country-by-country reporting (and auditing) aspects.

Global FS tax newsflash: OECD’s BEPS paper released. Not aimed at financial services… but clear implications…
The OECD's BEPS project is not primarily directed at the FS sector. However, there are various measures and work streams proposed that cause issues that are of very considerable interest - and application - to FS businesses.

Global FS Tax Newsflash: EU FTT – Will the Commission’s proposal survive?
This Global FS Tax Newsflash provides an update on what continues to be a highly political topic.

Global FS Tax Newsflash: The Italian FTT – deferral of key dates
It was announced in Italy that key dates for payment of the tax and the start of the derivatives regime would be deferred.

Global FS tax newsflash: UK’s challenge blocked for now but UK Treasury indicates they will not let it be
In April 2013, the UK launched a legal challenge against the introduction of an EU Financial Transaction Tax under the Enhanced Cooperation Procedure. On May 31, 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union released its decision on the UK’s challenge.

Global FS tax newsflash: Legal challenge to the EU FTT – what happens now?
Recently, the UK launched a legal challenge against the EU Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). The UK has received support for its challenge from Luxembourg.

Global FS tax newsflash: Italian FTT – Latest developments
This Global FS tax newsflash provides an update on the latest Italian FTT developments.

Global FS tax newsflash: Impact of EU Financial Transaction Tax on the asset management industry
This Global FS tax newsflash considers the impact of the European Union Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) on the asset management industry.