Pathfinder™ Roadmap

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Supporting companies expanding across borders

The Pathfinder Roadmap™ is designed to find solutions to the issues facing organizations seeking to do business in Canada.

Click on a question below to learn how Pathfinder Roadmap™ can help you.

Should we set up a branch or incorporate a subsidiary?

Advice on structure
  • Strategic advice for setting up in Canada in the context of the commercial requirements of the business
  • Consider alternative business models and related tax consequences
  • Advice on Intellectual Property location and protection
  • Assist with the efficient financing and thin capitalization considerations

Where should we locate?

Location services
  • Provide grant and incentive information, where applicable
  • Advice on leasing and site selection

Who do we have to notify?

Legal and other services
  • Liaise with corporate lawyers for incorporation and/or business registration
  • Complete necessary federal and provincial registrations for corporate income and capital tax, sales tax, payroll withholding and customs/duties

What issues do we need to consider for purchasing and selling activities in Canada?

  • Review and/or establish appropriate transfer pricing policies
  • Advice on customs and sales tax requirements
  • Consider foreign exchange issues

What are the employee issues?

Employee services
  • Development of foreign assignment policies (tax and relocation) and compensation policies including pensions and stock options
  • Assistance with obtaining work permits, temporary resident visas and student permits
  • Staff recruitment services
  • Advice on employer responsibilities
  • Cost containment
  • Tax services (planning and compliance)

What functions can I outsource?

Accounting and other services
  • Banking and cash management
  • Bookkeeping and reporting
  • Cost projections
  • Sales tax compliance
  • Payroll services
  • Insurance services