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Supporting companies expanding across borders

Expanding into new countries can be overwhelming. Cultural differences, not to mention variations in government legislation, tax law, employment law and financial regulations, can create pitfalls for the unprepared business.

Pathfinder™ provides one–stop access to a multi–disciplinary team of professionals. A project manager is assigned to determine expansion needs and co–ordinate a team of professionals to advise on the financial, tax, legal, human resource, regulatory and logistical aspects of doing business in another country. This allows companies to focus on core issues such as building market share and brand awareness.

Pathfinder™ operates in over 50 countries to help businesses manage expansion into new territories and markets. Whether you have a Canadian business expanding into foreign markets (outbound), or you have a foreign business expanding into the Canadian market (inbound), we can help.

For more information or to find out how Pathfinder™ can help your company go cross border, please contact us.