Risk in review: Decoding uncertainty, delivering value

In our 2015 Risk in review survey, over 1,200 global business leaders from around the world, including 82 from Canada, shared how they assess and manage risk in their markets. Respondents specifically provided insights into the risk climate, their companies' risk management practices, as well as the key risks that are front of mind in the short, medium, and long term.

The results show that correctly managing business risks drives performance and revenue growth, but the results also show that companies are generally not responding to this riskier environment with improved risk management programs.

There are a few key exceptions. True risk management leaders — those that demonstrate the most developed, proactive, strategically aligned approaches to risk management — reported significantly superior profit margins and annual profit margin growth. Here in Canada, leading businesses also recognize that significant challenges often lead to significant opportunities. Strong, strategic and deliberate risk management programs help organizations embrace the evolving business landscape, make more informed decisions, and create sustainable and long term value.