Optimizing controls

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To optimize controls, organizations need to manage risk while balancing the right set of controls. We can help you choose the right solution, and then get the best performance and value from your investments.


In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to do more with less when it comes to managing risk and improving controls. A variety of external challenges and constraints impact what organizations need to monitor and how they need to report it. These external factors, coupled with rapidly changing responsibilities, technology and processes, are shifting the priorities of stakeholders and intensifying the scrutiny on an organizations controls. Now, more than ever, leading organizations need to have the right balance of risk and controls to achieve their strategic goals.


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Our leader


Peter Hargitai

Peter has overseen some of the most complex, multi-location controls advisory engagements in the Canadian market. He particularly specializes in risk management, the implementation of control frameworks, and the design and assessment of business process and IT controls. Read more.


We can help you:


Establish the best processes and controls at the right price

By designing and implementing a reporting structure that encompasses management oversight, we can help you to get the best performance and value from your investments.

Help management balance risk appetite

We can help you extract the most relevant information so you can manage and mitigate risk while balancing the right set of controls.

Drive practical recommendations for improvement

We use our dedicated specialist resources, proprietary tools and leading methodologies to provide you with practical recommendations for improvement, and to help you achieve the critical mix of processes and controls. Segmentation of duties, security tools and innovative compliance solutions such as ONTRAAC show exactly where your business is right now and the steps you need to take to get to your desired state.

Use the best global resources

Our global network of experts can also help you improve and strengthen controls. By using and comparing information from around the world, we can help you reach your goal in a faster and more cost effective manner.

We can also help implement and configure controls compliance solutions using our unique thought leadership to make sure you’re meeting all regulatory, compliance and risk management needs in an accelerated mode.