Perspective North

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This section provides relevant resources for companies doing business in northern Quebec with a particular emphasis on the following industry sectors: energy, engineering and construction, government and public sector, and infrastructure and PPP.

Perspective North: PwC’s vision for the sustainable and integrated development of Northern Quebec.

Quebec Bill-43, Mining Act
This brief examines the provisions and section of Quebec Bill-43 that could have an impact on the financing of mine development in Quebec.

Transaction Report: Mining in Quebec: New Rules, New Game
Investors need to be aware of Quebec’s new mining tax regime which could affect the future development of mining projects in the region. Read this article to find out.

Tax Insights: Changes to Quebec's mining tax regime
After several months of deliberation and uncertainty, the Quebec government has finally announced changes to its mining tax regime.

Perspective North: Deals in the Canadian north
Issuing stock in today’s challenging capital markets can have an overly dilutive effect on the equity of mining companies. Instead, miners have found ways around that by looking for strategic partners abroad to help finance projects.

2012-2013 budget: Quebec and natural resources – Plan Nord
In connection with the Plan Nord, the Quebec government will be spending $51 million this year, primarily on studies.

Café series -- Organized by the MEQ (Manufacturiers et exportateurs du Québec) event presentation
Nochane Rousseau provided his views on the Plan Nord at Café series. Download his presentation to learn more (French only).

Mining in the Americas
This publication examines the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, including as the demand for prescious and base metals drives up demand.

Plan Nord: How to Do Local Business Internationally
Coherent partnerships, supported by local, global and multi-sector networks, will be one of the keys to help Quebec-based companies benefit from this once-in-a-generation project. Learn more in this article.

Plan Nord infrastructure challenges, business opportunities and partnerships
Richard Deslauriers provides an update on the infrastructure generated by the Plan Nord as well as related challenges and issues.

Capturing the mining potential of Northern Quebec
Download this presentation on the strategic advantages and unique business opportunities available to your mining company through Plan Nord.

Planning for a gold mine: Plan Nord’s impact on Quebec’s mining industry
Twenty-five years may seem like a lifetime away, but the Quebec government’s Plan Nord could result in a huge transformation of Northern Quebec in what’s, in reality, a relatively short amount of time, given its ambitious objectives.