Preparing for a successful divestiture

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Buying or selling a company is a complex process, fraught with risk and uncertainty. That’s why buyers have historically used due diligence to help reveal hidden risks or opportunities that will help them negotiate a better price. While frenzied markets of the past put the seller at an advantage, in today’s tougher markets sellers shoulder much of the burden to be prepared. The sellers must know what the buyers are looking for, and understand the risks which may lead to deal failure, missed value targets, or stumbling along a protracted timeline.

To help sellers to successfully move through the divestiture process and prepare a business for sale, PwC has created three new guides:

Corporate divestitures, from strategy to execution: four guiding principles to optimize value. (288 KB)
Download the full PDF.
Corporate exit strategies: selecting the best strategy to generate value. (279 KB)
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Preparing carve-out financial statements: navigating the financial reporting challenges. (227 KB)
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