Forensic eye opener: Exploring today's hottest issues in economic crime

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An update from PwC's Forensic Services Team: Summer 2013

Welcome to the Forensic eye opener. This newsletter is designed to introduce our Forensic Services leadership team and provide insight into current issues in the marketplace that are important to you.

In this issue we include articles which cover:

  • What recent changes to Canada’s anti-bribery and corruption legislation could mean for you.

    On June 19, 2013, Bill S-14 Fighting Foreign Corruption Act was given Royal Assent, amending the existing Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA).
  • Anti-fraud regimes — why prevention is better than reaction.

    Given recent headlines involving Canadian corporations dealing with allegations of fraud, you may find yourself considering what you would do in a similar situation that may threaten the existence of your organization.
  • Social media fraud.

    The ease of access and wide range of potential targets has triggered increasing concern for potential criminal activity within the various networks and platforms.
  • Ponzi schemes: a classic scam.

    Most people have heard of a Ponzi scheme, but what exactly does it consist of and how do you differentiate a potential Ponzi scheme from an attractive legitimate investment opportunity?
  • Why you should take a proactive approach to assessing your organization's risks today.

    After a forensic investigation winds down and the proposed recommendations have been implemented, organizations often realize that, with the benefit of hindsight, the overall costs would have been reduced had a more proactive approach been adopted by the organization prior to the incident.

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