Emerging Markets

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Achieve growth beyond borders—take a second look at emerging markets

We appreciate that for Canadian companies, achieving significant growth within North America is increasingly challenging. It is our perspective that tapping into emerging world growth offers a unique way forward, with myriad world class deal opportunities. But deal-making beyond traditional borders can be difficult and fraught with risk. As part of the world's largest Transaction Advisory practice1, the PwC Canada Deals Team is well placed to help—as your gateway to an exciting new world of emerging market M&A opportunities.

For our fresh Canadian perspective and to help you explore the possibilities for your unique situation, we invite you to review our recent thought leadership and other resources relating to mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets.

1 Source: Kennedy; “Business Advisory Services Marketplace 2009-2011”; © BNA Subsidiaries, LLC. Reproduced under license.

Conservation First
The Ontario government has introduced the Conservation First Framework, a six-year plan designed to reduce electricity consumption by 7 terawatt-hours (TWh) by December 31, 2020.

M&A disputes – striking a balance
The ink is dry, the closing party’s over, the seller’s cashing the cheque and the buyer’s got his prize. Everybody is happy—or are they?

Asset management: Powering your journey to success
The power and utilities industry is facing seismic transformation at a pace and to an extent that’ is unprecedented - pushing leaders to examine their business models and implement change programs to respond to these trends.

Combating cost escalation: Reducing costs and improving operational performance
With today’s uncertain markets, cost containment is an important strategy for increasing cash flow, creating a competitive advantage and driving shareholder value.

Free Markets Versus State Capitalism in Oil and Gas
Over the last decade, state-owned national oil companies (NOCs) have become increasingly important in the global oil and gas sectors. Their rise is also a key part of the trend toward state capitalism in many emerging markets.

Energy Visions Quarterly Newsletter: Nothing to fear
This issue of our quarterly Energy Visions newsletter looks at five reasons why Canada should welcome increased foreign investment in its oil sands and shale gas resources.

Getting on the Right Side of the Delta: A Deal-maker’s Guide to Growth Economies
In this global study, we have carried out an assessment of over 200 deals, including publicly announced deals and a broader set of private deals that PwC Canada has advised upon.

In Focus – Considering M&A in China - Capital Markets Flash: Volume 5, Issue 1
The In-Focus section of our first Capital Markets Flash of this season considers this question: have Canadian dealmakers overreached in China? Our findings suggest they have not.

Beyond the Boardroom: Emerging Markets - What Directors Need to Know - Strategy Talks podcast series
In this podcast, Dave Forster, PwC's managing partner for the Greater Toronto area, interviews a panel of guests about the opportunities in emerging markets for Canadian companies, and what boards of directors need to know when considering moving into these markets.

Canadians Doing Business in Europe: The Political & Economic Landscape: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, Eurasia Group's Sage Newman discusses the fast-changing European market for dealmaking.

Canadian Deals: Evolving Outlook for Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe
In this report, produced jointly by PwC Canada and Eurasia Group, we take an in-depth look at some of the advantages and potential risks of central and eastern European (CEE) economies for foreign investors.

The Business of China's 12th Five Year Plan
More than any other five-year plan, China’s 12th Five Year Plan focuses on quality of life over quantity of GDP, stressing the need to boost domestic consumption and promote clean energy.

Hot Sectors, Hot Markets: Economic forecast for emerging technologies
PwC’s report on selected emerging global market opportunities, with the goal of identifying potential sources of foreign direct investment for the Greater Toronto Area.

Canadian Deals: Emerging Markets and Global Risk: Strategy Talks podcast series
DJ Peterson of Eurasia Group discusses emerging markets and global risk in foreign markets for Canadian mergers and acquisitions.

Shifting Centre of Gravity: M&A in Brazil—A Canadian Perspective
Brazil’s unfulfilled domestic demand, hyper growth potential and globally competitive returns have spurred M&A action. The aim of this publication is twofold—to provide insight into Brazil, and to share our view on opportunities in Brazil for Canadians.

M&A in Brazil – the Real Deal?
The following article, written by PwC partner Kristian Knibutat, discusses several aspects of Brazil's economy and what is making it so successful for deals.