PwC Capital Markets Flash

Volume V • Issue 7 • Jan 20, 2012

Q4 Report: Outlook for 2012

Happy New Year and welcome back. This week we are pleased to share our Canadian M&A year in review and outlook report.

Our look back at 2011 revealed that Canadian entities participated in 3,173 M&A transactions worth $189 billion, a record for deal volumes and a 22% increase in deal values over 2010. We are pleased to highlight that Canadian deal makers established a level of global credibility that we view as extremely noteworthy. In fact, Canada represented 10% of global M&A last year, a record proportion.

This was, however, a unique deal market. Many Canadians, especially large pension funds, were focused outward. Transactions involving a Canadian target represented only 51% of all deal values, down from a high of 81% in 2006.

For 2012, we anticipate that, absent a tail event, Canadian M&A will continue to move forward at a measured pace. The reports below set out key trends from 2011, as well as five specific expectations for Canadian M&A in this new year.

We are looking forward to continuing our deal dialogue and working with you in 2012.

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Capital Markets Flash: Full Report Capital Markets Flash: Q4 Report - 2012 Outlook
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