Project Finance

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Arranging long-term financing for project development

Project finance represents the limited-recourse financing of private or public infrastructure projects.

More and more, companies and governments want to shelter their balance sheets and prefer to finance major projects on a stand-alone basis. This is especially true for Public-Private Partnerships. We help structure and arrange these financings with the following services:

  • Deal Strategy
    • Defining project phases
    • Determining the risk allocation matrix
    • Searching for partners
    • Determining the optimal deal structure
    • Financial modeling
  • Deal Structure
    • Creating a deal structure that supports a balance between equity, senior debt, subordinated debt, operating credit and credit enhancement
  • Financing
    • Obtaining letters of intent
    • Finding the best financing sources
    • Negotiating term sheets
    • Selecting underwriters
  • Financing Execution
    • Developing a hedging strategy
    • Assisting with legal documentation
    • Managing the due diligence process
  • Refinancing
    • Defining alternative financing opportunities that create shareholder value

In Canada, more than 20 experienced professionals with strong industry and technical skills deliver advice through our Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver offices.