Restructuring and Distress Strategy Group

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From refinancing options to accelerated operational improvement, our team can provide tailored advice for restructuring in today's economy

Many of today's situations require an immediate focus on liquidity, where measures to preserve stakeholder value include:

  • Finding practical solutions to quickly reduce costs, increase cash and reduce working capital
  • Developing strategy to maximize value in distressed situations
  • Dealing with treasury, financing, tax, funding and pension exposures
  • Implementing asset conservation programs
  • Divesting non-viable assets
  • Debt restructuring and related tax consequences
  • Monetizing tax attributes (loss and credits)

Insufficient access to liquidity has a negative impact on virtually all business operations. This key issue can be addressed through an immediate focus on strategy and accelerated operational improvements to mitigate and effectively offset the erosion of business performance.

In this challenging environment, lenders, company management and boards of directors can benefit more than ever from PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) trusted advice.

Who we are and how we can help

PwC is a leading global provider of restructuring solutions. With a wide range of related services provided by a diverse and experienced team, we can help distressed companies become stronger and more viable. Our Canadian Restructuring and Distress Strategy Group is composed of professionals from coast to coast specializing in strategic advice, refinancing, insolvency, valuation, distressed M&A, tax restructuring, and accelerated operational improvement, among other related areas.

We bring a unique and robust multidisciplinary approach to help with all of your restructuring strategy and implementation issues — from the smallest to the largest and most complex, with a focus on rebuilding trust between the business and its financial stakeholders.