Debt and capital advisory

Debt solutions for your company

Managing debt can be complicated and demanding, particularly in today’s challenging market. Having the right type of debt financing in place to realize your organization’s strategy is critical.

Your company needs to review alternatives, whether it is refinancing, making an acquisition, implementing a capital-intensive strategic project or experiencing a period of instability. Whatever your financing objectives, an experienced debt advisory professional can help you put together a solution that is customized to your company’s situation.

How we can help

We collaborate with senior management from an early stage to develop potential financing alternatives. We work with you to assess each option and assist senior management to implement a solution that meets your objectives.

Our advisors understand the debt markets and many of our team members have previously worked as commercial lenders or investment bankers. We have experience across a wide spectrum of debt products in various industries, including:

  • Senior bank debt
  • ABL – asset-based loans
  • Project financing – cash flow based
  • Junior secured debt
  • Subordinated/mezzanine debt
  • Convertible bond
  • Mortgage financing – real estate based
  • Negotiating with lenders on behalf of distressed clients – covenant waivers and loan agreement amendments
  • Credit liquidity  for commercial sponsors
  • Acquisition financing
  • Bridge financing

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